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This past week the National Council of Jewish Women/Essex County Section visited our club.  Their presentation focused on NCJW/Essex Teen Dating Abuse Awareness Project which is a multi-media presentation for high school students as well as a community awareness program. NCJW's volunteers go into freshman high school health classes and present a two-day program with the goals to:
  • Prevent teens from entering into or remaining in abusive dating relationships by identifying the warning signs of an abusive relationship
  • Help teens help themselves or a friend leave an abusive relationship
  • Point out resources for getting help
  • Stop the cycle of violence
  • Encourage healthy relationships
They also present community and parent workshops to raise awareness about teen relationship abuse. The TDAA parent workshops discuss how to identify the physical and virtual red flags of abuse, how to start a non-judgmental dialogue with children and how to help teens safely leave an unhealthy relationship. Civic organizations, religious groups or community agencies can reach out to the TDAA Project for a free 45-minute multimedia presentation in your location.
Contact the NCJW/Essex Center for Women,  (973) 994-4994 for more information or to schedule a program. You can also email us at:
Other resources:
If you are in an abusive relationship:
Call the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline:
 1 (866) 331-9474 or
 1 (866) 331-8453 (TTY)
Text LOVEIS to: 22522