On August 11, 2016, Livingston Sunrise Rotary and Nutley Rotary Club co-hosted 27 students and 3 leaders from District 2670, Shikoku, Japan. 
The students are visiting our district for three weeks and our annual hosting responsibility is to treat them to a day at Point Pleasant Beach.
As the day approached I was concerned about the forecast of horrible thunderstorms and what to do with the students in case of inclement weather. As it turned out, I hit rain driving down the GSP, but as I arrived in Point Pleasant at 9:30 AM the sun was out and it was hot.
The bus pulled up around 10:00 AM and the students exited and lined up so we could provide them their beach badges and find out what they would like to eat for lunch. Once this task was completed we led them to the beach and set up chairs and umbrellas close to the water. Some of the students went directly to the water and others went to investigate the boardwalk.
PDG Jim Allison’s finger in the way
We told all of the students to meet us at the entrance to Jenkinson’s at 12:00 for lunch.We all had a choice of hamburgers, hots dogs, pizza or salad at lunch.  Afterwards we got to enjoy some additional beach time.  We told the students to meet us back at the boardwalk at 2:30 for ice cream before they had to get back on the bus to leave. As pictured below, along with President Scott and Ellen, they seemed to enjoy this part of the day.
Even Past District Governor, Jim Allison was enjoying ice cream along with the students.
Thank you to our club and the Nutley club for allowing me to have fun each year participating in our district’s Japanese Exchange Student day at the beach. Hopefully next year you all will participate in this fun day as well.